The Genius and Career Evolution

In my travels all over the world, I’ve befriended many free-spirited, socially awkward, loving, analytical people. The personalities and predispositions of these individuals were much like my own, but they exuded a kind of disciplined intensity that I felt sorely lacking in my life. These are people whom I admire and try to emulate.

I want to use this post to draw out a hypothetical career path of a gifted person. It'll show how motivations develop over the course of a person's life time and how one's perception of the world changes over time. Note: The job titles are more of a state of mind than an actual position title.

The Mathematician
  • Learns how to analyze given data within a given context. Creates formulas and strategies to deal with a fairly defined and private world including the inner workings of the self.
  • Loves to close out the world. Reclusive. Looks for the perfect solution to any problem.
  • At times, overwhelmed by feelings of distress when encountering a problem that’s beyond his control. Usually brought about by an abrupt realization that his outer and inner worlds are not finite, but hold a boundless number of emotional, sensual and physical possibilities.
  • Chooses to master the endless possibilities of the outer world.
The Artist
  • Learns how to embrace the details of the world in the form of structures, colors, sounds, physical feelings, but not necessarily emotion.
  • Discovers his aptitude for creativity.
  • Perception switches from “right and wrong” to “good and bad”.
  • Proactive in recreating the sensual essences of the known world.
  • Sensual expression leads to a higher emotional understanding. Has a strong desire to love self. Starts studying the sensual essence of human beings.
  • Has a sincere need to express their creativity in a responsible and focused fashion.
  • Chooses to master the endless possibilities of their inner world.
The Teacher
  • Learns how to open up to others. Letting their guard down. Appreciating others for who they are thereby feeling the first surges of unconditional love.
  • Develops their intuition. Exercises flexibility. Learns to be patient with others and self.
  • Perception switches from introspection to action. From “good and bad” to “cause and effect”.
  • Gains communication skills by speaking in terms others can understand. Packaging ideas for general consumption.
  • Gains great satisfaction from spreading their vision of the world to others, but feels the need to learn more for themselves. Looking for a balance between serving self and serving others.
  • Chooses to test their perceptions against the perceptions of others.
The Salesman
  • Utilizes strategies, creativity, and people skills to express opinions to peers.
  • Learns how to genuinely motivate others by compromising and speaking in terms they want to hear.
  • Strengthens optimism by finding creative ways to overcome obstacles. Has the ability to deal with failure on a dramatic scale.
  • Perception switches from “cause and effect” to conviction and determination.
  • Feels the need for financial freedom. Wants to lead others.
  • Chooses to put their experience to work.
The Entrepreneur
  • Fully proactive in bringing his vision to the world. Independent and self-sufficient. Understands his place in the world.

Again, this is only a hypothetical path, but it also represents my life's journey. Right now, I'm securely in the world of teaching and looking to ascend to the level of salesman.

If you're dynamic, ambitious, and mentally gifted.....If you're currently looking to change careers....or if you're searching for a life's purpose......I hope this post helps you along your way.

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