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Goodness Graciousness started a 'Hold the Vision' tag-fest. She wrote:

I invite you to blog about your vision of what is possible. If it feels comfortable for you, create a post describing how you would envision the world if it could be healed in its most perfect state. Take a minute to create an imagine in your mind, and share with your readers, what a healthy world would look like. And then tag all your readers with a similar tag!

Thanks to Katinka Hesselink for tagging me!!!

My vision of a healthy world? Well..when I envision a healthy world I think of harmony. Furthermore, when I think of a harmonious world, I think of balance. And when I think of balance, I can safely say this is NOT it:

This commentary appeared in International Herald Tribune on September 14, 2005.
In a trend fraught with troubling political and social implications, China will soon find itself with a marriage-age population remarkably out of balance, with about 23 million more young men than women available for them to marry in this decade and the next — what demographers term a "marriage squeeze."

This trend disturbs me and shows how problems in a non-progressive society can snowball into larger ones.

My ideal is a world where out-dated sentiments and power structures are rethought, dismantled and retooled to fit within the economic, social, and ecological needs of the global community. This includes NATO, the G8, the UN, the U.S. Electoral College, religious beliefs, immigration laws, marriage laws, and much more. I’m not saying that one nation, group or culture should completely subjugate themselves to the common will. But my vision is one where people are treated first and far most like human beings.

In my harmonious world, everyone has taken their own personal journey to a higher state of consciousness. They have looked within themselves to connect with the soul of the universe. During the process, they have discovered the importance of balancing their own desires with the well-being of their surroundings. Here are a few standard personality traits of the people in my ideal world.

Appreciation: They love themselves as much as they love others. They deeply appreciate themselves and try to make authentic connections with others. A person in my world holds their heart open because they know they’re appreciated for their mind, actions, and values more so than their race, gender, or sexual preference, etc...

Respect: They have respect for laws and rules, but more importantly they have respect for themselves and others.

Temperance: They give back as much as they take emotionally, financially..but especially..ecologically . In my ideal world, people treat their bodies like temples and they know how to treat the planet the same way.

Courage: They feel fear, but won’t submit to it. Any disagreement, injustice, international incident, epidemic, disaster, catastrophe that comes along will be met by the powers that be with a sincere will to help those in need. Everyone will take comfort in the fact that their problems are shared and felt by everyone.

My ideal world will balance the use of technologies, economics, societies, cultures, ecosystems. Also, each individual will realize they are a part of a community much larger than their own. Not because they see it, but because they feel it. I believe today we mentally treat the world and its people much like we treat ourselves. So in my ideal world, every person will sincerely love him/herself thereby making the world a better place.

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE your vision!

Thank you so much for participating in this meme...

I believe the more we focus and hold in our hearts what is possible the more we are likely to move toward a world of peace and healing!

Warmest wishes always,



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