Am I selfish?

First of all, I'd like to thank those who have read my blog in the past; your feedback is greatly appreciated. Professional obligations and lack of inspiration have prevented me from writing new posts, but fortunately, I've come up with an idea which I'd like to share.  You can expect more posts this summer, but first:  

Am I selfish?

It's hard for me to relate to my parents.  Only one of them attended college, a small Division I-A school in the heart of the most impoverished state in America. Higher education was important to them, but only a few members of my family graduated from college.  As for me?  I attended and graduated from an Ivy League school.  

Beyond the academics, the most challenging part was earnestly pursuing a life beyond my parent's imagination.  The more I learned, the more my reality differed from that of my parents'.  My extensive traveling, starting a business, and appreciating the arts were all activities mainly foreign to them.  Am I selfish for taking more pride in my education than in the way I was raised? 

No, I’m not.

I’m a happier, more productive and confident person when I believe in myself and my accomplishments.  

I know that.

So, with limited familial support, I keep pursuing my goals, fulfilling my ambitions, and keeping myself motivated and focused. It's been difficult, but over the years, I’ve developed an emotional memory system to keep me on track.  I periodically suffer from incapacitating emotional stress, leaving me unfocused and unproductive for hours at a time.  My system acts as a psychological compass, allowing me to persist even during the most disheartening times.

I hope to share this system with you in the future.      


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